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Birthday Parties

Due to staff availability, we have birthday parties from Oct. 1st to Nov. 21st and February 1st to March 28th.

Birthday Parties are available for booking Saturday during the morning hours. We are happy to cater the program to suit any age.

Birthday Package

Less than 15 people a flat rate of $75 will be charged
15 or more people a rate of $5 per person will be charged

Picnic space reserved for 2 hours Goat feeding
Hands-on animal experience 
Full access to museum, outside gardens, and trails

 The map attached here shows the locations of the three picnic areas available for rent marked with a red star.

Click here to download custom invitations for your party!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have parents who want to stay while their kids attend the party but won't be participating. Do I have to pay for them?
Yes. We understand that parents frequently want to stay with their kids during the party, even if they don't actively participate in the party. To recognize this, we have tried to make sure the prices are very reasonable. 

What is not allowed?
For the safety of our animals and other visitors, we do not allow balloons, grills, or alcohol.

Do you offer supplies/cake/food? 
Currently we do not provide party supplies or food & drinks. You are encouraged to bring those items from home. Please note: You are responsible for everything you bring into the park. Please plan on leaving the space in the same condition it was when you arrive. Thanks!

What is your rain policy?
We are an outdoor facility. The party is held outside. If it rains the day of your party, we have several options. You can attend as scheduled. Umbrellas are welcome. You can also reschedule to the next available date. Please call if you are concerned about your party. (904) 724-4646

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